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Razer Comms Support

I am unable to download Razer Comms. Where do I find the download link?
Razer has decided to retire Razer Comms and the program will no longer be available for download.
I have Razer Comms installed. What should I do?
You can uninstall Comms from your PC or Android Mobile device as the service will no longer be available from 1st of June 2017.
What about my friend’s list? Can I migrate them to another services?
No. We would encourage that you sync-up with your contacts to link up via another VoIP service.
When is the last day I can use Comms?
1st of June 2017
Will my Razer ID be valid for other Razer Services?
Yes. Your Razer ID will still be valid to access other Razer Services.